How to Make Money Online Fast

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How to Make Money Online Fast

Instead of having a brick & mortar business, I’m gonna share with you our Job Killing Review! This is a way you can even help your regular brick & mortar business with this system. In fact, this system works with all business owners to get them more customers. Of course, you will use this for your business too.

Every business owners want more customers right.

Well, we found a business associate of ours that knows exactly how to teach others to get more customers for either their own business or to start an online business and help others get customers, which will pay you a monthly price for years to come. The site you need to go to and find out more is:

Doesn’t this sound great.

It is, believe us when we tell you, it’ working for our other businesses as well. We have actually worked alongside with Maria Galloway for awhile now. She has increased our web presence and many other businesses.

This is awesome for if you already own your own business, this program teaches how to get a ton of new customers to your business location. It can be for a small city or a nationwide company. Whichever it is, we all need more customers.

She has taken business owners and taught them how to do this system and watched their businesses grow from a few thousand monthly to thousands and thousands monthly!

Huge difference, in fact, for our other online businesses we have taken it from $5k monthly to well over $12k in just a few months time.

If you want to start your own online business, or help your current business, get in this program and other business owners will be chasing YOU to hire you!

Nothing but good business here….


How To Market Your Business

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How To Market Your Business

So, you now have your business website, but how are you going to get customers knocking down your door for your product and services? What do you do now?

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of different marketing avenues to take to promote your business. That’s the good news. Now, you have to figure out your budget and the time you need to market your business. Below I have suggested five ways to market and promote your business. Remember though, you have to consistently work on it, and get rid of the ways that are not working and keep the ones that are working.

5 Quick Ways to Promote Your Business:

  1. Marketing through Email

The first step one can take is to send an email to your ‘existing clients’ which will be announcing your website. What you want to put in your message would be asking them to forward your email onto all of their friends and colleagues.

Now, if you have just opened your business and really don’t have any customers, what you would do is immediately start sending emails to people you do know with an irresistible offer. Maybe giving away a gift card or free coffee at Starbucks, whatever it is you chose to give away.

Next step would be to send your information to an opt-in email list that one can purchase. What an opt-in email lists contain are people/businesses who have requested to get information/offers on a certain product/service or subject. Believe me, there are tons of companies that will provide you with these opt-in email lists for your business.

  1. Leads

Today, in our online market, there are hundreds of companies that will provide leads/prospects for any business. For a price, they will advertisement your business. What happens then is when someone clicks on your advertisement, that particular person will be taken to your business website. What the most advantageous aspect of buying leads is that these are targeted people that wanted to hear about your business. Also, the cost is very reasonable and you will definitely come out on top.

  1. All Search Engines/Directories

We all know what a search engine is. If not what a search engine does is to search the entire database of websites collected by a program. So, when a person types in “computers in Las Vegas” for example, sites that are well built well and have the right SEO and other parts, the best sites come up on page ‘1’ for that search. Google is the number #1 search engine and there are many others as well. These guys will bring your company business when your website and all other parts are working the right way. Below are just a few of the main search engines:

  • Google
  • Altavista
  • Yahoo
  • Lycos
  • Excite
  • DogPile

These will definitely help to get your site on all of the above.

  1. Exchanging Links

Another great way to market your business and get more clients is to locate other business websites that will only complement your site/business. You then contact the owner and exchange links.

This way you will have visitors coming to your business site when they simply follow the link that you placed on the other site. There is actually a company that will assist you and will do this for you. The companies I’ve heard of are under such names as the Link Exchange Company. Very inexpensive and will save you, the owner, valuable time.

  1. Banners for Business

You’ve seen banners all over, wherever you look, there are banners selling some product or service for a business. They are basically graphics, which are then linked to the business website.

In this avenue also, in order to save time, you can become a member of a banner exchange company.

Now, we have found at that one can get a ton of discounts that will ultimately help your business.

Let us know your feedback and questions…

Job Killing Review – Who Wants To Kill Their Job

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Who Wants To Kill Their Job

Since 2014, this sought-after, jet-speed growing online business called Job Killing Review has taken the online home based business by storm! Instead of being another slimy MLM that targets non-suspecting people that are desperately wanting to work from home, Job Killing is your own online business. Here’s the facts on this real sustainable online business…

  • Lead generation online business
  • Never need to recruit
  • Never need to have home parties
  • Never need to call every person you’ve ever known to beg them to get into your new MLM
  • Never having to depend on others to sell like you to make money
  • This is your own business
  • Working with businesses that are begging for your services
  • No commissions
  • 100% all monies go to you
  • Real sustainable online business
  • Able to work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet and laptop
  • FTC can never come in and shut you down
  • Never can get saturated for their are millions and millions of buisnesses to work with
  • Think about this, how many cities are in the USA?
  • How many businesses are in each of those cities?
  • How many cities/towns are in other countries?
  • Our opportunities are virtually endless…
  • The statistics on this online business are incredibly good, in fact, if you do what they teach you (and the teaching is never-ending) one can not fail.
  • The success rate of Job Killing is well over 70%.
  • Now, compare this to the measly, sleazy 1% to 2% of success in any MLM out there today.
  • Just going by that alone, why would anyone pick an MLM over a successful top internet coaching program by Job Killing?

Well, enough said here, if you are liking this post, let us know by responding to us. We would love to hear from all our readers!



Tips to Starting an Online Business

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Starting an Online Business


Of course you want to begin an on-line business. Who doesn’t dream of having millions of cash ready customers just waiting to buy what you have to offer. It must be easy, it seems as though everyone is creating an on-line business and making tons of money. Right? Well not so fast…

For the one business that you come across on-line that seems to be successful, there are untold numbers of people who have tried and not made their fortunes with their form of the next big thing.

But that should not deter you from giving it that old college try. Here are some tips that just might give you a bigger bite of that on-line business apple.

First—get your feet wet in the on-line world.

In short try to sell something, anything, to see what it is like. Of course a great place to do this would be E-Bay. The reasoning behind this is to show you just what all is involved in each step of business.

Deciding what to sell.

Procurement of your product.

Marketing, advertising, copy writing.

Billing and collections


Customer follow through.

Customer relations and building that base.

Returns and customer service.


With just one sale on E-Bay you will deal with each of these business modes. Sounds easy doesn’t it? But wait there are pitfalls.

Deciding what to sell of course may be the easiest since you have already decided what your new on-line business will sell. But make sure whatever it is you’re going to sell is not only a good product, but to make it to the top of the heap it needs to be a great product. If you are producing it make it your very best effort. Don’t cut corners. John Q. Public will not accept second best when they spend their money.


If your product is produced by someone other than yourself, check out that company. Are they consistent? Would their product be something that you would buy? Really? It is safe? Is it reliable? Will they be able to keep up with your needs?


Are you ready to sit down and market your business? On-line means time spent telling people that you don’t see, exactly what you want them to see. You need to be able to create a picture with words. It is important to be able to show not just tell your customers how wonderful your product is. This is not only done with wonderful pictures, but with words or what is known as copy writing.


Billing and collections is the meat and potatoes of your business. You can sell and ship but if you don’t get paid you are not in business. Being able to deal with lost payments, collections of late payments and no payments at all is a big part of business. But if you are ready from the get go you can handle whatever a customer tries to throw your way.

Yes you will even be your own shipping department. You will need to know the fastest, easiest and least expensive way to get your product to your customers—of course after they have paid first! This means leg work of what all is available. USPS, UPS, FED EX. They all have special rates and don’t forget that overseas shipping has a world all to itself with international rules that must be followed to the letter!


The last three items on the list go hand in hand. To keep your business going you need to cultivate your customer base. That means keep the customer happy and coming back time and time again. This is done by offering new and more exciting products, handling in a timely manner any shipping, delivery or bad product issues. These WILL all come up with your customers. A great rule of thumb here is to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. It is well worth it to remember how you have been treated in any situation with a business when you have run into a problem. Would you go back to a business if you are treated poorly? Of course you would not. So the golden rule is alive and well—“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”


The last but probably most important thing you need to get in line with is not on the list above. That would be the legal portion of your business. The taxes you may need to collect and pay. The forms just waiting to be filled out and filed with all the departments of local, state and federal governments. One slip up here could be very costly.


But for now just try selling one, two or three items. See if you can handle every aspect of those sales through to the end. That will tell you if you are cut from the business cloth. If you are—jump right on into the business world.